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We Capture Memories

Each of us here walk our own path in life.

As we grow older, we tend to reminiscent the past. We will recall memories of our younger self, things that we do, moments that we went through, our ups and downs and many more. However, as we grow older, we will require our brain to store more memories and subconsciously, we will forget some of the older memories. Hence, at Memories.my, we want to help each person that approach us capture these memories, so that as they grow older, they would always have photos to remind them of these moments. We believe that every single photo is more than just being a piece of hardcopy image. Every person that approach us will have something to hold on to, even when time pass, and at Memories.my, we want to help you achieve that.

At Memories.my, we are a great team with great people, excelling in their individual role to serve our patron better. Memories.my is branched out into two line, which are Lifestyle & Corporate

We Capture Memories

Hi, I'm Chris Chan.

Hi, I am Chris Chan. I am just an ordinary guy very passionate in photography and cherish love between couple and family.  

I takes up my photography more than a decade now and I just couldn’t stop creating more and more beautiful memories and stories to my client along their beautiful journey.  And still, I am so proud and love my job every single day and shoot!

If you know  me more, you will know I am a sentimental person, it is not surprise that you see I am crying in your wedding , haha ! I always told my client I enjoy every wedding and their love stories along the journey and I am glad to celebrate this beautiful milestone together with them.

My client always told me that I am more excited than them on the shooting / wedding day and yes I really do! I treat and see this more than just a job but it is something priceless and most meaningful ever thing I can do to my client with my gifted talent. And the outcome and the value would be FOREVER.  

I love talking  and meeting people. That’s the beauty of my job, now I am already cant wait to meet you and listen to your stories!  Lets connect or have a hang out to know each other more! Looking forward to celebrate  and photograph your big day / moment in life.

I love talking and meeting people. That’s the beauty of my job, now I am already can't wait to meet you and listen to your stories!

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