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Travel to Kenya, Africa 2019

Date : 21/08/2019
Location : Africa, Kenya, Nairobi,  Amboseli, Lake Naivsaha, HellGate , Maaisai Mara

I always want to write a blog to remember my experience , share what i had seen when i travel to Africa, Kenya back in year 2019.

What is your imagination about Africa? A hot place to travel? A suffering trip with everything poor accommodation & food? It will be a big wrong as this thinking. Let me bring you to my journey of 10 days in Kenya for 10 days 9 nights through my photographs. 

This is the longest flight i ever took, about 20 hours for one way from Malaysia and transit from China to Nairobi. ( Capital of Kenya ). Africa is a dream place to me. I treat this as a gift to myself for celebrate my 30s, and I am glad that I did this before the pandemic. A great lesson that taught me we should work our dream before too late. 

In this blog, I don’t share all the pictures I had took as it was too many pictures taken in this trip and rather focus on sharing my experience. First of all, Kenya is not a hot place , the weather there is chilly & breezy at about 23 to 27c at day time and quite cold at night. Because the altitude sea level of Kenya is about same with Genting Highland Malaysia.

Here we begin with my trip schedule in short. Day 1, we landed Nairobi Airport with a warm welcome by the Maasai, the local. Still remember the first day I was already got excited to saw numbers of wild giraffes on the highway while we are being sending to our hotel. After settled down and hotel checked In, our 1st station is Amboseli. Amboseli is home of Africa wild Elephants, also known with the view of world highest stand alone mountain Kilimanjaro. Day 2 and 3 , we continue our exploring at Amboseli by visited the local Maasai Tribe village, and some safari hunting.

Day 4, we are heading to a place name Lake Naivasha. We are arranged to stay in a very special resort name Elsamere Lodge Naivasha, the house of the world known millions seller book [ Bornfree legacy ] by George Adamson. It is a true story inspired and  remembering George and his wife Elsa whom rescue , raised the wild lion and returned it to the wild from the slaughter of poachers. Google it for the interesting story. We stay here for 2 nights and the scenery here had us really indulged.

Day 6-8. Our most excited activities begin, which is exploring the most famous Maasai Mara. Why Maasai is famous? Because here is the home of the wildlifes. There is a happen of the wild life great migration here every year between Maasai Mara & Tanzania. Thousands of Zebras, wildebeest will be crossing the rivers of full with their nature predator – Africa crocodile to one another land for foods and needs. For witness this great migration you need a lot of luck, we are the unlucky one in this trip that unable to see this majestically migration. However , we still return with not very bad one, the ranger and tour guide manage to show us the wild leopard, another stunning creature that is hard to spot in the huge safari.

Day 9-10. We are wrapping up and get ready to go back Malaysia.

I am trying to cut short for this article sharing, more to sharing my thoughts and what I learnt in this trip. Africa is not a place that only to us to see the wildlife or poor lives , however the trip is rich with culture, something that we can never experience in our daily life. It is a different world that worth experience at least once in lifestime, it is a place where is human begin from. It made us understand more values of ” Life ” . I agreed with my friend, Kenya is a place that you won’t be bore to visit for 10 times in your life. Definitely will come back again.

If you are interested for more information of Kenya travel, welcome to reach me at

My email :
Mobile / Whatsapp : +60164411601 

Gear I use 
Camera : Canon EOS 5D MK IV, EOS 6D
Lenses : EF 100-400L  f/4.5-5.6l is ii usm, 16-35mm f2.8L ii, 50mm f1.2L , 135mm f2L

Photos by Chris Chan / Kenny Sim 

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