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Family Portraits - Susann's family.

Date : 23/10/2021
Location : KL Botanical Lake Garden

Susann said it had been quite a some years they didn’t refresh their family portrait since little Krayson born and her family always wanted to do this but it keep on delayed due to pandemic.  They are  family oriented and wanted to celebrate this milestone in life. 

It was a short rainy morning  and  plans have a little bit changed due to some walking area closure , however I am very appreciate to this family are still very patience and excited for the photoshoot. We are all enjoy the photoshoot session, especially little Krayson is the most excited one among us , just because he is finally back to the nature outdoor after 2 years of lock down at home.  And who doesn’t?? right ?! Thinking back to the session now, I am really appreciate to harmony and amazing family like this. Thank you very much Susann.

Photos by Chris.

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