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Hari Raya Family Portraits 2022

Raya, is a festival that we celebrate together as Malaysian, no matter what races we are.

Still remember when I am setting up and preparing for the shoot, some of the young generation come to greeting and welcoming me with Chinese speaking.  We have a lot of fun chat and start our session when everyone is ready.  Love to see our muslim client is all ready in a theme tradition cloth and we are even start asking what is the color theme for next year, and everyone is so excited to it !

One thing that I loving this family most is everyone is so good and close with each other although they come with a big family.  Isn’t is such a precious and priceless thing and that all we need in life?

Special thanks to Ashikin for given us this opportunity to have such a fun Raya shoot and also made this first Raya gallery in our profile. We had so much fun and definitely one of the best unforgettable festival , and not forgetting the nice food and warm hospitality ! We cant wait for the next Raya now!

Photos by Chris.

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