Indian Engagement Ceremony

Date : 09/09/2021
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Indian event is always our favourite because of the rich culture and colors! As we know there could be different culture from our different clients  but here is an event we have photographed where both family gift exchange for confirm the engagement of two family. Here are some highlights of the event below.

Firstly, the bride’s family bring the gifts to groom family. This is calling Seervarisai , its meaning there is someone for her, watching her, will protect her and will raise a question on behalf of her in need. She is a valuable and immeasurable gift in the family, so value it and treasure it!

Secondly, comes to the part call Getti pannikirathu. Both families are confirming and note down the informations of the wedding. Shankh, the conch shell will be blow once a confirmation had been made. Indian believe in Shankh blown to attract the blessings of God too. Followed by praying ceremony in pray room.

After praying , groom’s family will serve visitors with foods, give the gifts and take family portraits for the memorable day.

It was a really eye opening and amazing shooting day we have. We are already cant wait for the wedding actual day!

Photo by Chris Chan

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