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ROM at Maha Vihara, KL. Bernard & YuYing

Date : 19/03/2022
Location : Maha Vihara , Brickfields 

YuYing found us on Instagram and she approached me, as she likes our work. As her ROM is happening soon, she would like us to capture memories of her important day, while keeping things simple. We met up prior to the day over coffee, for me to meet the couple, understand their stories and capturing their dynamics, to make the shoot theirs. 

I visited and researched this beautiful place, Maha Vihara in Brickfields before the day. 
On the real day, we like her simple bespoke dress and her floral hair deco and flower bouquet, which Yuying made it herself! 

Their cutest bridesmaid of the day is the “Moon Moon, the doggie”. Moon loved to pose for my camera and I was so surprised that she is so camera friendly! 
Moon Moon was professionally posing away for our shoots throughout the day, and by the end of the day, Yuying sent me a video of how Moon was totally exhausted and knocked out at night! Apparently she’s more exhausted than her parents! Haha! 

We had a fun morning with the couple and their family and friends, I definitely enjoyed my shoots that day. 

Thank you for having me to be part of your happy memories, and I am honoured to be able to shoot the beautiful moments and celebrate your love story. 

I am happy to witness and to celebrate your new chapter. Congratulations Yuying and Bernard !

Photos by Chris Chan

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